Adam Cole Speaks On New Partnership Between ROH & PWG

As announced last week, Ring Of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla announced a partnership that will see ROH contracted stars appearing on a select number of PWG shows in California.

Earlier this week, ROH star Adam Cole spoke with the folks at Busted Open Nation about the ROH-PWG working relationship. Below are Cole’s comments on the subject.

“I think really what it is as far as just us getting started, Ring of Honor is a very cool company and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla is a very, very cool company. I think a lot of our guys in our locker room enjoy working there, enjoy the prospect of working there. Guys in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla would love to entertain the thought of coming to work for Ring of Honor. The fact that guys in the Ring of Honor locker room are so passionate, guys in the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla locker room are so passionate, of course, some relationships had been created and relationships have been made so in turn there’s a lot that Ring of Honor knows about PWG and PWG knows a lot about Ring of Honor.

“Long story short, I really feel like the company realizes how much it can benefit from each other. PWG has a very strong West Coast presence. Ring of Honor is pretty much in control as far as independently goes in the United States and we’re on television so we’re not even an independent anymore, even though some people view us that way. Again, the potential growth with the two of us coming together is stronger than doing this by our self. It’s kind of like a strength-in-numbers thing. With NXT being around, I think a company like Ring of Honor and PWG being together is just going to help our cause. It certainly won’t hurt us.”

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