Amber O'Neal Looks Back On Her Wrestling Career And Discusses Future Plans

Amber O’Neal, who will be participating in the first annual WrestleCon on April 5-7, 2013 at the Meadowlands Expo Center on 355 Plaza Drive in Secaucus, New Jersey, has published a blog on discussing her plan to get in peak physical condition for the big event, her career thus far and upcoming projects.

“At this stage in my life and career I feel it is more important than ever to be the healthiest,strongest, and happiest version of me I can possibly be. In wrestlingl it is necessary to make fitness a priority and I always have. Especially when you are in the realllllly competitive phase of wrestling. FELLOW know what i mean….,” writes O’Neal.

“I had many years where I was doing what I like to call the CLIMB.I think my peers in the biz can probably relate to this. During the CLIMBING phase basically you are doing everything humanly possible in hopes to land the BIG TIME contracts in wrestling..for example WCW ,WWE, TNA,etc.

“I have had the privilege of traveling and/or working with all of them. NEVER CONTRACTED but for several years I traveled with these companies and had numerous tryouts,dark matches,cameos,kiss cam appearances,house shows, in addition to working independent shows all over the US and a couple overseas tours. Because of all experiences combined I am so grateful I had the opportunity to travel with and learn from the best wrestling has to offer! I truly believe my path that led me to my journey here was perfect for me. I do believe I was one of the lucky ones to have been in the mix of it all of and as some would say “on the verge of making it”…but to me the definition of making it is what YOU consider making it. In my opinion I did make it and actually I am still making it. I did exactly what I wanted to do with the people I wanted to do it with and now that i think about it I still am. I feel for all these reasons combined is why I never took any second of it.. or my friends and mentors for granted or felt like wrestling owed me something.

“When i reflect on the last 14 years I like to say as far as the BIG TIME I was there…without being there…LOL. I have always been very active on the indy scene working with the BEST promotions and talent in the independent scene and in my opinion produces some of the best wrestling out there PERIOD! I genuinely love wrestling and want to be in it for MANY more years to come and I feel at my age…I am a PROUD 38 year old very single,independent woman and I have been blessed with some amazing opportunities in the past couple months. I have been blessed enough that after 14 years in the professional wrestling, when I thought I had accomplished everything I wanted to in this miraculous business. I am proud to announce some outstanding projects I have signed up for that has influenced me to make the decision to show myself and the world Amber O’neal is not going anywhere for a long time and I will be in better shape, stronger, healthier and better than ever so get ready world! I’m just getting started!!”

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