Astronaut sets tri fitness challenge for UK students

A triathlon-styled challenge, set by British European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Tim Peake, and funded by the UK Space Agency, was announced today at a World Space Week event attended by 175 children and hosted by the Cool Aeronautics team. Named the Space to Earth Challenge, it’s one of a number of educational opportunities on offer as part of Tim Peake’s Principia mission this December.


When Tim Peake moves into his new home in space – the International Space Station (ISS) – he would like children across the UK to exercise alongside him as he trains two hours a day in the world’s highest and fastest-moving gym – travelling at 27,600 km per hour, and circling the world every 90 minutes.

“While exercising so far away in space I will have some amazing views, although I will miss the sights, sounds and fresh air of planet Earth,” said Peake. “I hope students across the UK will join me in my training and share what they see as they work out back on Earth.”