At least dozen killed in cableway crash in Italy

Rome, Italy: Rescuers pulled out 12 bodies from the debris of a cable car crash in the north of Italy, and a total number of victims could be as high as 13, a representative of the mountain rescue services told Sputnik.


“Rescuers have uncovered 12 bodies so far. This number could change as the operation continues. There may be one more victim, but we cannot confirm it officially,” the representative said.


According to earlier reports, two children were taken to a hospital in Turin in serious condition.

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The incident occurred on a cableway that connects the village of Stresa and the mountain of Mottarone, which overlooks Lake Maggiore. The cableway gave out close to the top of the mountain, when the cars were especially high in the air.


According to the cableway website, this line was closed during the coronavirus lockdown and reopened about a month ago. The cableway had 24-month maintenance work done several years ago.

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