Backstage News On Many Of Today's WWE Talent Releases

Some details have come to light on today’s WWE releases, which included Brodus Clay, Drew McIntyre, Evan Bourne, Aksana, Curt Hawkins, Jinder Mahal, Yoshi Tatsu, Theodore Long, JTG, Camacho and referee Marc Harris.

Regarding Tatsu’s release, it’s being said that there’s been a feeling for some time within the company that he had really regressed in the ring.

As far as Clay is concerned, there are reports that claim he “fell out of favor” with WWE creative.

In terms of the Teddy Long release, his contract actually expired, and it was well known within WWE that he would be leaving the company as an active performer soon.

Out of all of the releases, the general consensus within those actually in WWE is that Camacho and Hawkins were the two most surprising releases, as Camacho was very popular within NXT circles and Hawkins still had several years remaining on his existing deal.

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