Backstage News On TNA Locker Room Leaders, Jarrett's Company, TNA's Future

There was said to be a lot of bonding among the guys in TNA during their recent United Kingdom tour. Regarding the speech Samoa Joe gave on a bus trip, which we reported about last week, it’s being said that Joe informed the talent that they are all in a fight and everyone needs to band together to try and turn things around. Apparently nobody from creative was present, just the wrestlers.

Joe and MVP are seemingly considered the locker room leaders in TNA now that so many of the veterans are no longer with the company.

Regarding Jeff Jarrett’s new potential promotion, many are taking a wait-and-see approach, with the belief that nothing is for sure until something concrete is presented. Many in the company have loyalty to Jarrett for giving them their first big national break, however many are equally loyal to TNA feeling that while it has been rumored to go out of business many times in the past, it’s been around for 11 years and has survived each potential disaster thus far.

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(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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