Bahrain in touch with Israel’s new government to learn about its peace policy: minister

Cairo: Bahrain’s minister of foreign affairs, Abdul Latif Al Zayani, has said the kingdom is communicating with Israel’s new government to learn about its policy on the efforts aiming to bring peace to the region by settling the Palestinian issue in line with the two-state solution.

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The communications are “driven by the Kingdom’s approach which is based on understanding, dialogue and cooperation among people,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.


Bahrain agreed to normalise relations with Israel in September 2020, becoming the second Gulf country to do so after the United Arab Emirates.


Bahrain’s crown prince on Monday congratulated Israel’s new prime minister, Naftali Bennett, expressing his wishes of success to the newly formed government.


Bennett’s patchwork coalition government came to power on Sunday on a pledge to focus on socioeconomic issues and avoid sensitive policy choices towards the Palestinians.

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