Bangladeshi and Kuwaiti arrested for accepting bribes

Dubai: A Bangladeshi expat and Kuwaiti citizen were arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution for allegedly accepting bribes for completing transactions, Al Anba daily reported.


The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior (MoI) said it has introduced an online appointment system for advanced appointments after opening for visitors, to reduce congestion in the departments. Since June, the MoI was able to register 343,115 appointments, including 72,747 for the various traffic departments.



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However, a citizen and a Bangladeshi expat took advantage of the situation where a large number of expatriates wanted to renew their car registration books, and offered registration without a prior appointment in exchange for bribes.


The Bangladeshi expatriate worked at Al Ahmadi Traffic Department and was illegally processing various transactions including renewing car registration books for a bribe of KD20 dinars for expatriates without a prior appointment.


The bribe was shared with a Kuwaiti employee who completed the transactions with KD10 for each of them. The daily said, quoting security source, that the expatriate admitted that in the past three months, he managed to illegally obtain KD30,000 dinars through the business, and KD15,000 dinars was remitted to his homeland.

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The daily said that an investigation was conducted with the employee, who initially attempted to deny the accusation but admitted her involvement in the crime after being confronted with evidence, and she was referred to the prosecution.

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