Beth Phoenix-Chelsea Handler Beef, 50 Cent Mentions HBK In New Song, Miz-Eve

— The Miz and Eve Torres will be appearing at tonight’s Anaheim Ducks NHL game at the Honda Center. They will be promoting the 1/16 RAW from the same venue and will be signing autographs during the second intermission.

— In a new rap song featuring 50 Cent, Young Jeezy and T.I., 50 cent is the latest hip hop star to reference pro wrestling in his rhymes. 50 gives WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels a shoutout with the line, “I be on that elite sh*t, that HBK Heartbreak Kid freak sh*t.”

You can listen to the song at, the HBK line comes when there’s 2:35 left in the song, about 40 seconds in.

— Beth Phoenix has responded to E! television host Chelsea Handler’s negative comments about women’s wrestling on her Tuesday night “Chelsea Lately” show. Beth tweeted:

“@chelseahandler made some off color comments about Women’s Wrestling last night…Being WWE’s Diva’s Champ I can tell you with confidence that if @chelseahandler has any question about what a “women’s wrestler” can do or how well we entertain, Id be happy to show her…”

“@chelseahandler please allow me to invite you to see a WWE event, live first hand 2/24 at the Staples Center. Of course, the invitation to @chelseahandler extends to the ring…any time … any place…if you would like to see what the Champ is made of.”

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