Bollywood actor Sonu Sood demands board exams be cancelled

Sonu Sood is always ready for a social cause and this time he is lending his fame to help students who are demanding CBSE board exams be cancelled in India as COVID-19 numbers rise exponentially in the country.


Sood posted a video on social media, using the hashtag #cancelboardexams asking for the decision makers to take stock of what the students want.


“On the behalf of students, I want to put in a request. CBSE and board exams are going to be held offline, I do not think the students are ready to sit for the exams amid the prevailing circumstances,” he said. “. I would like everyone to come forward and support these students, so they can be safe. I request everyone to support students who are forced to appear for offline board exams in these tough times. With the number of cases rising to 145k a day I feel there should be an internal assessment method to promote them rather than risking so many lives. #cancelboardexam2021.”


The actor also posted a message on Twitter, stating: “This time the Board exams are not for the students but for the authorities. They cancel the exams: They pass. They conduct the exams : They fail.#cancelboardexams2021 Life is precious.”


The hashtags #CancelBoardExams2021 and #CancelBoards2021 have been trending on Twitter for days. Students of classes 10 and 12 have also signed petitions urging the government to either cancel board exams scheduled to be held in May or conduct them in online mode.


With rising cases in Maharashtra, the Indian state has decided to postpone the CBSE class 10 class 12 board exams. Maharashtra Education Minister told ANI on Monday: “We’ve postponed state board exams for class 10th and 12th. Class 12th exams will be held by end of May, while 10th standard exams will be in June. Fresh dates will be announced accordingly.”


Last week, the state government also announced that all students in Class 9 and Class 11 will be passed without taking exams, while a similar decision was taken for the students of Class 1-8 earlier in the month.


Sood has taken up this social cause, one of many the actor has taken up ever since the pandemic struck in India. Last year, he helped thousands of migrant workers reach home after they had lost jobs and steady incomes during the lockdown. The actor also helped provide free meals for the needy and gave many shelter as well.

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