Bret Hart Opens Page On Facebook, New WWE Signee Told To Cut His Hair, More

— Bret Hart has opened an account on Facebook, which you can reach at the following link. The account was confirmed on his official website. Note — there is a 5,000 friend limit and as of this post, he’s about half-way full.

— As reported earlier, WWE signed OVW talent Asher Knight to a developmental contract last week. WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis signed Knight but told him to cut his fauxhawk off immediately. The word going around was that Asher is a big guy and his “haircut was the best thing going for him.” A source within OVW said Knight is 6-foot-1, bland and “as average as humanly possibly.” (source:

— The WWE website has posted new studio photos of Rosa Mendes.

See “Montreal Screwjob” photos including upset Bret ->

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