Brock Lesnar Might Return to UFC, Dropping Title at SummerSlam

Some big news concerning the current Universal Champion has just been dropped. As we all know by now, Brock Lesnar won the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania earlier this year, and we know that he has only been around to defend the title on one occasion thus far. It looks like he’ll be defending the title at SummerSlam next month, but what happens after that could be surprising if it turns out to be true. Brock Lesnar, despite his limited number of available dates, has proven to be one of the greatest attractions about WWE these days, but it seems as though his time in wrestling could be drawing nearer and nearer to a close for a little while.
Twitter user @TalkMMA, a user who has broken some major MMA stories in the past, has reported that Brock Lesnar has recently met with officials to organize a return to UFC for a fight. The fights in question would reportedly happen later on this year. Lesnar last fought for UFC back during their UFC 200 pay-per-view last year. Though Lesnar won the bout, it was later discovered that Lesnar had tested postive for a banner estrogen blocker called clomiphene. The result of the fight was overturned to a no contest and Lesnar was suspended by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) from competing in mixed martial arts for one year.
The confusion lies within that suspension. Since it was issued last July, the belief is that the suspension would have ended just recently. However, Lesnar informed UFC that he had decided to retire back in February, which means that his suspension was frozen during that time. TalkMMA notes that Lesnar could get an exemption and that his return is eminent, likely occurring at UFC’s November 4th show in Madision Square Garden. TalkMMA also notes that the plan for WWE is to have Lesnar drop the Universal Championship to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. Be on the lookout for Lesnar’s MMA return very soon.

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