Cast of ‘Being the Elite’ Reveal Which Wrestlers They Would Sign to AEW

The entire core cast of Being the Elite kicked off Starrcast III on Thursday night, broadcast live on FITE TV from the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg, IL.

The whole panel was an extended version of the weekly BTE Mailbag segment, and during a live Q&A with those in attendance, the crew was asked the age old question – which wrestlers would they sign to All Elite Wrestling if given the chance. Here’s what they each had to say:

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– Matt Jackson: “He’s going around and telling everybody that we’re dead. I still love him, and he’s probably the best person to come out of the UK. I miss Marty [Scurll]. I would love to have Marty.”

– Nick Jackson: “I would say, probably [Kenny’s] greatest rivalry. [Kazuchika] Okada.”

– Kenny Omega: “People are talking about him, so I kind of want to give him the stage to either prove himself, or to shut everyone up. I would say [Will] Ospreay. Everyone knows the other answer. It’s Ibushi. Moving right on…”

– Kazarian: “This is gonna sound cheesy, but I’m thrilled with the team we have, man. Honest to god, what we’re doing – to just pluck someone out of company and say, ‘Hey come join our team that we worked really hard to build’, that doesn’t interest me. What interests me is the lifeblood of All Elite Wrestling, which is all of us on the stage, and all of the hard-working men and women in front of the camera, and behind the camera. That’s who I want on my team.”

– Scorpio Sky: “I would probably say Tessa Blanchard. She’s still extremely young, and not only one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world, but one of the best wrestlers in the world.”

– Christopher Daniels: “As the head of Talent Relations, I can neither confirm nor deny any of the names that were mentioned on this stage, or any of the names that were mentioned in the crowd this evening. Thank you, Christopher Daniels.”

– Hangman Page: “Me and this guy have been through a lot. I tried to murder him at one point. We had a lot of dick heat between us. But I think that through all that, somehow we’ve grown closer. I would say, one of my friends who is missing from this stage, Joey Ryan.”

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