Chris Jericho Says TNA Will Never Beat WWE, Comments On Possible Return

Chris Jericho says in an interview with Wrestledope Radio that he has several Hollywood projects lined up for early next year and would only return to WWE if there was an individual he was interested in working with.

He explains, “For me to go back to WWE, I would have to have someone that interests me personally. You could say any nameā€”it could be CM Punk, it could be The Rock, it could be Funaki. But, to me, it’s like I’d have to feel it. Right now, I’m happy doing the stuff I’m doing.

“When I’m finished with this tour, we’re doing a new record and I have a bunch of stuff going out in Hollywood that’s kinda coming to fruition. I had to leave that block of time open, January, February, March, April, May.”

Jericho, however, is open to returning “someday” and says he likes CM Punk’s work. He says, “Punk is great and he’s doing a great job, but as of right now, as much as people don’t want to hear it, I don’t have any plans as of right now to go back to WWE. I never said I wouldn’t go back; now is just not the right time for me.”

Jericho was also asked whether another promotion could ever be a legitimate competitor to WWE by rising to their level. He doesn’t think so.

“I don’t think it’ll ever happen because WWE is such a machine at this point. Vince could leave this earth tomorrow and it would still continue on. I think it’d be, not impossible, but you’d have to have a lot of money behind you and it’s not like it was ten years ago when there were guys working in Japan or over here or in ECW or whatever that you could bring it. Pretty much everyone that’s any good that’s worthy of drawing money works for Vince now,” Jericho says.

“So, if you were going to go and open up another company, you almost have to have so much money that guys can’t turn you down, kinda like it was with WCW back in ’96 or so. But, it’s not going to happen. I really don’t think. I think Vince is the monopoly for the business and there will always be second-rate or third-rate, but let’s face it, everyone wants to work for Vince McMahon, I don’t care who you are. Hulk Hogan wants to work for Vince McMahon. Dixie Carter would probably work for Vince if he offered her a job. TNA could be a good second, but they’ll never be first. And anyone who actually says it with a straight face is probably just saying it as bravado.”

Jericho also discusses connecting with the audience, being a front man compared to competing in the ring, his favourite music growing up, online wrestling news sites, wrestlers stealing movie, wrestlers of large stature and more.

Photos of Chris Jericho with Kelly Kelly

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