Citing Violent Content, Reddit Bans Misogynist Men's Rights Community

A Reddit community known for containing misogynist content that sometimes advocated sexual assault and violence against women has been shut down, after Reddit announced it was prohibiting content that incites violence.

The “Incels” subreddit was treated as a support group for men who call themselves “involuntarily celibate.” The community’s 40,000 members wrote posts about their lack of success in intimate relationships with women, but the discourse was far from an innocuous exchange of questions and advice.

The group’s very existence stemmed from the notion that women owe men sexual relationships, and many posts focused on this idea; a recent post was entitled “Sex should be a human right.” Others condoned rape, and recent posts have had titles including “Why women are the embodiment of evil” and “List of female rights that should be removed,” a post that included the line “Their right to bodily integrity should be relinquished” as women are “the property of men.”‘

Members of the group referred to Elliot Rodger, the gunman who killed six people near the University of Santa Barbara in 2014, as a “hero” and a “saint.” Before the massacre Rodger had written a 140-page manifesto and other documents that amounted to a call to arms against women; he referred to the incel community in his writings.