CM Punk on Women’s Revolution Feeling “Forced”, Possible In-Ring Return & More in ‘WWE Backstage’ Debut

Below is a recap of CM Punk’s official debut on the FS1 studio show WWE Backstage this evening. The former world champion sat down with Renee Young for a lengthy, personal interview about his return to the wrestling world. 

– On the obvious “why are you back?” question, CM Punk says that this job didn’t exist 6 months ago, let along 6 years ago. “If you never ask, the answer is always no.” Says someone asked and he didn’t immediate hate the idea. Things snowballed and it just came together.

– Punk stresses that he’s not employed by WWE, he has no relationship with WWE, and he has not made contact with anyone in the company. This is strictly a thing between him and FOX. He says it’s interesting because they can’t punish him – he’s here to criticize the product, and WWE can’t “job him out” or suspend him for his opinions. He’s going to tell the truth and there’s nothing they can do about it.

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– “I’m at a point in my career where I don’t have to work with jerks.” Says he’s happy with where he is. Jim Ross texted him last week, but he says there haven’t been any real shocking names reaching out to him.

– Renee asked him about a possible return to WWE. Punk restates that he’s not actively pursuing or interesting that route. He works for FOX and hasn’t contacted anyone in WWE. He’s 41-years-old and has learned “never say never”, but there are some major “hurdles” to that ever happening.

– Punk says that everything still feels really overproduced and he’s not a fan, but there are SOME bright spots. Mostly the women’s division, from what he’s seen so far.

– Punk says he doesn’t like how forced the “women’s evolution” is and just wants the women to be allowed to be themselves, and they’ll show you how much ass they can kick without it constantly being shoved down your throats.

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