COVID-19: Bahrain allows use of vaccine for health workers

Cairo: Bahrain has authorised the emergency and optional use of a vaccine against COVID-19 for front-line health workers dealing with infected patients, Health Minister Faeqa Saleh has said.

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“The emergency use of the vaccine completely complies with regulations and laws in force in the kingdom of Bahrain that allows exceptional licensing in emergency cases,” she added.


Last month, Bahrain completed two stages of clinical trials for the anti-coronavirus vaccine developed by a Chinese firm.


Granted approval


The authorisation of the emergency use of the vaccine comes as part of coordination with the UAE and the Abu Dhabi –based G42 Healthcare company, according to the minister. The UAE has already granted approval for the emergency use of the same vaccine.


“The spread of the pandemic around the world requires taking swift steps to enable the health system to continue work for containing the virus, minimizing harms and protecting lives,” the Bahraini health minister said.


The first and second stages of the clinical trials, she added, showed that the vaccine is safe and effective. “The third stage is running smoothly and without registering any serious symptoms,” she said. Around 7,700 volunteers have participated in the trials.

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