COVID-19: Government allows expat health workers stuck abroad to travel to Kuwait

Kuwait City: The Cabinet of Ministers approved the Ministry of Health’s request to allow non-Kuwaiti health workers, employed by the Ministry of Health, and their families that are stuck abroad to enter Kuwait, local media reported.


For those that are looking to travel to Kuwait, they must have a valid resident permit of valid visa.


Once they have arrived in Kuwait, they will be required to adhere to all the health measures, including mandatory quarantine stipulated by the Ministry of Health.


Travel ban


The Ministry of Health submitted the request as it is in urgent need for medical support staff, as they are crucial in helping fight the COVID-19 virus.


The request came as the travel ban on non-Kuwaitis entering Kuwait is still in place since February 7.

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At the moment, only citizens, first degree relatives to Kuwaitis and domestic workers are allowed to travel to Kuwait.

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