COVID-19: Mandatory guidelines for reopening of Oman’s commercial activities revealed

Muscat: As the sixth batch of commercial activities are now open for customers and business, they are strictly being monitored on their adherence to mandatory guidelines.


Muscat Municipality has put forth guidelines for each activity, namely, fitness centres, barber shops, all restaurants and cafes, ladies’ beauty parlours, traditional medicine clinics, wedding supplies shops, and meeting rooms in hotels. As the first step in ensuring the control of COVID-19, all staff in these outlets must have their temperature checked, every eight hours. Customers must wear a mask at all times, which is exempted only while beard-trimming services in barber shops, while all staff must have a mask as well as face shields at all times.



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In beauty salons, staff are required to don a mask and face shields always while customers have to wear a mask. In beauty salons for ladies, activities such as face massage, use of steam for facial treatments, facial hair removal using thread or such methods that brings the faces close proximity, body hair removal using non-disposable tools, treatment that penetrate the skin, and keeping the personal items of customers inside the facility are not still allowed. Muscat Municipality also prohibits treatments such as Moroccan bath and home beauty services as well as parties, social events or gatherings, and photo sessions.


Strictly forbidden


Senior citizens and children below ten are strictly forbidden from entering these facilities, including restaurants, salons, barber shops, gyms and other businesses that have been opened today. No hospitality services such as offering beverages are allowed inside these outlets, nor are magazines or newspapers allowed to be kept that could be touched by different hands.

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Restaurants, apart from ensuring wearing masks for staff and ensuring social distance protocol, must also provide a single use menu card that will be used only once, and insist on contactless payment. The Municipality also clearly stated that there shall not be any overcrowding, and proper measures must be taken to maintain social distancing, in waiting areas provided with specific requirements in this regard. The outlets are also mandated to maintain a record of customers to track history, if required.


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