Dean Ambrose On His WWE Departure: "I'm Cashing In And Walking Away From The Table."

Prior to their final six-man tag matchup against Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre, the Shield sat down with WWE’s Michael Cole for a final interview to talk about the historic faction, and the legacy they will have left. At one point, Cole started to ask Ambrose about his future post-WWE, but the Lunatic Fringe cut-him off, and delivered a passionate, if not truthful, promo about leaving wrestling.

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Let me stop you right there because I already know what your final question is gonna be. I don’t appreciate people putting words in my mouth. I don’t appreciate people trying to tell the story of my life to fit their narrative. Eight years ago, I walked into this casino. Now I’m cashing my chips and walking away from the table. I won the game. What I do with the rest of my life from here on out is my business. I answer to no one. This time the Million Dollar Man didn’t get what he wanted because I can’t be bought.

Check out Cole’s full interview with the Shield below.

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