Details On WWE's New Production Building, Vince McMahon's "Weird Mindset"

– Meltzer commented this week on the possibility of WWE acting as a distributor and airing other companies’ wrestling shows on their Network, similar to Netflix. He feels that while it would make sense, it’s unlikely due to Vince’s “weird mindset” about any other company “getting credit” for the Network’s success.

– As previously reported, WWE has purchased a TV production facility in Stamford, CT for $26.9 million. They made the purchase under “WWE Real Estate Holdings, LLC,” and received a loan for $23 million after paying $2 million to the seller and $1.9 million to the lender up front.

WWE uses about 20,000 square feet in the facility, and plans to double that. The main tenant is AmeriCares, which occupies 90,000 square feet of the property. WWE is honoring AmeriCares’ lease with the previous owner, which runs until 2033.

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