Elgin’s Student Accused of Sexaul Assault, Nia/Enzo, NXT Injuries

The recent string of sexual misconduct allegations have not had very much of an impact on the wrestling industry as of yet, but that may be about to change soon. Sean Orleans, a student of Michael Elgin’s, was released by Elgin from his Glory Pro promotion last month, but the reason why was not revealed. The woman involved has since publicly revealed her story, and she accuses Elgin of attempting to cover up the story. Elgin said that he would be selling Glory Pro soon, and he deleted his Twitter account after the accuser leaked DMs of their conversations about sexual assault. Elgin has already been pulled from several upcoming independent bookings that he had been scheduled for.

I’m trying to feel ok about posting this. This is a small glimpse at what Elgin put me through for eight months, while also pursuing a personal/sexual relationship with me.
I’ve been scared. He’s mean. He’s manipulative. He’s not a good man. pic.twitter.com/TsxdWMzXWr
— MOses Malone (@Th_BodyElectric) December 5, 2017

Elgin’s denial and berating over the DM’s that were posted and similar DM’s, and the emotional manipulation used to make me feel personally responsible.
“You bitch and complain about having no one. Stop being this way to people who are nice to” pic.twitter.com/N6FGZ6SvIa
— MOses Malone (@Th_BodyElectric) December 5, 2017

Elgin’s need for control through belittling and his self-important narrative extended beyond my relationship with him.
It touched every relationship he had.
And if I didn’t agree, I was an idiot. #njpw pic.twitter.com/XaK45WFrlD
— MOses Malone (@Th_BodyElectric) December 5, 2017

Apparently I left off the end of the conversation about Cobb.
People who know me, won’t recognize the way I respond. I’m not this apologetic little girl. Except when I’m terrified. pic.twitter.com/ymPoNIIO8V
— MOses Malone (@Th_BodyElectric) December 5, 2017

For two years, we’ve been striving to make Maine a wrestling destination by mixing some of the best locally with some of the best in the world. Most of all, we want to create a FUN & SAFE environment for fans and wrestlers.
Michael Elgin has been pulled off of our event on 1/19.
— Limitless Wrestling (@LWMaine) December 5, 2017

Nia Jax and Enzo Amore seemingly began a romantic storyline on this week’s Raw, and the two have continued to create a buzz around the storyline due to their back and fourth messages on Twitter. More details on what to expect from the romantice storyline have been revealed courtesy of PWInsider. The angle will reportedly see Nia Jax appear on 205 Live very soon. The plan for Nia Jax is reportedly to have her serve as the special guest referee for an upcoming Cruiserweight Championship match featuring Enzo Amore defending the title against Kalisto in the main event of the first live event for 205 Live in January of 2018.

Some rather significant NXT Superstars have reportedly been hit with injuries. According to a new report from PWInsider, Aleister Black and No Way Jose both received injuries during a recent NXT live event. The NXT audience is very familiar with both men. Neither of the injuries are believed to be serious at the moment, but the company has decided to give the two wrestlers some time off to heal from their injuries. Black and Jose have already filmed material for the most recent set of NXT tapings, which will cover the remainder of 2017, so they should hopefully be fully healed by the time that the next round of tapings commence.

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