EU Turns to Sudan's Wanted War Criminal to Stop Flow of Migrants from Africa

Explosive classified documents obtained by German reporters show that the EU is working out a plan to fund the construction of detention centers and provide refugee processing equipment to various African countries, including Sudan, in an effort to stem the flow of migrants from Africa to Europe.

Sudan is run by Omar al-Bashir, an internationally wanted war criminal behind the genocide in the Darfur region that has displaced 2.6 million around the world.

“A regime that destabilized the region and drove hundreds of thousands of people to flee is now supposed to stem the refugee problem for the EU.”
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Sudanese officials assured Germany that migrants who are put in the proposed detention centers will be forced to stay there: “The goal is that the refugees won’t leave the new camps,” the Sudanese officials said, according to Buzzfeed. The Sudanese government also expressed interest in using the EU-provided equipment to surveil its own citizens.

Der Spiegel reported on the details of the project, kept top secret because “under no circumstances” did the officials want the public to learn what was being discussed by the 28 EU member states in Brussels on March 23rd:

“The German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development has confirmed that action plan is binding,” adds Der Spiegel, “although no concrete decisions have yet been made regarding its implementation.”

The magazine also notes that the German government has arranged for the plan to be coordinated by Germany’s development arm, GIZ. “When it comes to questions of finance, the organization has become a vehicle the government can use to be less transparent,” a German government official told Der Spiegel.