Father, son die of COVID-19 in Jordan in 5 days of each other

Dubai: A Jordanian family was struck by the death of the father and son with COVID-19. The 37-year-old son, Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Joodah, died on Monday, and his father Ibrahim Mohammed Joodah, who was in his seventies, died on Thursday, local media reported.


The son did not have any pre-existing health issues but due to COVID-19 he got pneumonia, which led to lung failure followed by kidney failure. The patient required breathing support and dialysis in the Intensive Care Unit(ICU) at Prince Hamza Hospital, according to local media.

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When the man entered Prince Hamza Hospital, he did not show any symptoms of the virus, while his father’s condition was very critical before his death, the source added.


The father was transferred from the quarantine area in the Dead Sea to the hospital a few days before his death due to his poor health condition.

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