Father strangled two children and then committed suicide in Egypt

Dubai: In yet another shocking crime in Egyptian community, an Egyptian man has brutally killed his two children and committed suicide afterwards by hanging, local media reported.

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The two children – a 10-year-old boy and 12-year-old girl – were reportedly strangled to death by their father using plastic tape.


Al Qalyubia Governorate police received a report from residents that they had found corpses of two children and a man at their house. The police managed to identify the three deceased. The bodies were of a man called Hazzim, and his two children, Hussam and Samma.


Investigations revealed that the two children were killed by their father, who committed suicide after carrying out the crime.


It turned out that the man was suffering from some psychological problems, which led to worsening his relationship with his wife, prompting him to take narcotics. Accordingly, his wife left him and went to live with her parents and her children used to visit her every day. She said she knew nothing about the crime and that she was shocked to know that the father was the killer.

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