Ferguson Police Raid Church, Continue Arrests

Protests in Ferguson, Missouri continued throughout Tuesday night, marking the 11th continuous day of demonstrations for justice for Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager who was shot to death by Officer Darren Wilson on August 9th.

According to reports on Twitter, police on Wednesday afternoon raided the local St. Marks Church, which had become a refuge and medical aid station for protesters who had been injured by tear gas.

Police made an additional 47 arrests overnight as Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol claimed that “criminals and agitators” had threatened officers, although reports from the ground said that the majority of protesters were subdued and unarmed.

Peacekeepers and community activists at one point formed a blockade between police and protesters to help maintain order. In a few tense hours early Wednesday morning, police used pepper spray to make arrests and break up demonstrations.

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Altogether, approximately 170 people have been arrested in the 11 days of protests against police brutality.

The majority of the demonstrations throughout the night continued with relative calm, as police were able to refrain from using tear gas and smoke bombs against residents and protesters.

Chants filtered in and out of demonstrations, captured by tweets and livestreams: “What’s his name? Mike Brown!” and “We young! We strong! We marching all night long!” could be heard at various times.