Former WWE Diva Confirmed For WrestleMania, Lilian Discusses The Rihanna Saga

— Former WWE Diva Tammy “Sunny” Sytch appeared on the Pro Wrestling Report on 540 ESPN Milwaukee last week to discuss her upcoming plans and career.

Sytch said she would be appearing in the 25-Diva Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXV in Houston on April 5th. Sytch said when she got the call two weeks ago from WWE to appear, it only took her “about five seconds to say yes.” When the 15th Raw Anniversary show took place, she was sitting in the locker room at the end of the night and sad about having to go home because she didn’t want it to end as she was having so much fun. Suffice it say, she’s incredibly excited to appear before a WWE crowd again.

Sytch said this will be her first match in WWE as she never competed in the ring during her previous run in the company. She also said she has never performed in a football stadium before, so she’s very excited for that as well.

Sytch believes both WWE and TNA feature too many girls as it seems like there’s a girl on in every segment. Sytch adds she wasn’t fond of the Diva Search, and went to the Raw Anniversary show expecting to hate the Diva Search girls, but was very much impressed by her encounters with them. For instance, Maria was fetching her water the entire day. She also praises Beth Phoenix and Natalya.

Regarding a possible full-time return to WWE, she said she’d have to seriously think about it. Basically, she isn’t sure about going back on the road for “280 days a year.” During her previous stint in WWE, she was barely at home as she was on the road so much. She very much enjoys being at home and being a homebody.

When asked to comment on Sable, Sytch responds, “Can I throw up?” She also says she saw Sable on a UFC show the other day and that she looks 60 years old. Sytch adds she’s 36 and told she looks like she’s 28 years old.

Regarding her thoughts on Vince McMahon, she calls him “a father figure.” He was always very good to her and believes he was the best boss she ever had.

She calls her stint in World Championship Wrestling “horrendous.” She said the promotion was full of a miserable bunch of people and no one wanted to be there. She says she was there in 2001 “for about a year.”

Sytch is looking to write a book as she started working on it a few months ago. She vehemently says it won’t be some trashy, tell–all book ripping people and giving dirt on them. Instead, the book will center around her experiences on the road and funny ribs she was involved in.

To listen to the interview in its entirety, click here. She discusses a funny story from 1995-1996 involving a dozen WWF wrestlers in a van and fireworks, being a clean freak, The Smoking Gunns, people looking to enter the wrestling business, and more.

— As noted earlier, Lilian Garcia appeared on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet this past Thursday. The segment was unique for Lilian as she didn’t discuss WWE nor music. Instead, she participated in a “He Said, She Said – Battle of the Sexes” segment alongside author Guy Blews giving her take on the Chris Brown-Rihanna saga, women’s liberation, and more. You can see video of Lilian from the segment at the following link.

— Linda McMahon is set to participate in the Sidoti & Co. 13th Annual NY Emerging Growth Institutional Investor Forum in New York City. Click here to read the press release.

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