Gable Says He & Shelton Deserves Justice After Controversial Loss

As we all know by now, Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin loss to The Usos last Tuesday night on SmackDown Live in a match for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles in a controversial fashion. Chad Gable said that he and Shelton Benjamin deserve justice after their controversial loss. 
Below is the tweet sent out by Chad Gable on their controversial loss:

Last night’s deplorable order of events…
1. I become a 2x tag team champion (makes perfect sense.)
2. Instant Replay? (Why was that in the match?)
3. Random Referee (Why was he in the match?)
4. Random dude restarts our match (Why was he in the match?)
We deserve JUSTICE.
— Chad Gable (@WWEGable) January 3, 2018


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