Gallery: Boardman unveils 2016 range

Boardman has launched its exhaustive 2016 range of bikes, with seven core triathlon bikes, a new titanium range and its own-brand wheels some of the major talking points. The brand also gave early details of a Boardman Performance Centre in England, which is set to house the world’s best wind tunnel and will be open to the public.


The Shoreditch unveiling, with nary a fixie on show (although there was a sole track bike), was attended by Chris Boardman himself, the Brownlee brothers and the brand’s British Ironman stars, Joe Skipper and Lucy Gossage.

Any fears that the Halfords buy-out of Boardman Bikes may somehow dilute the appeal of the brand were allayed here, with arguably the brand’s most focused range of bikes since their inception. The design period began with, in Chris’ words, a bout of ‘corporate naval gazing’, with the company wanting a ‘change of direction’ yet one that would see Boardman ‘stick to their values’ of eminently rideable bikes at affordable prices.