Goldbert Responds To Triple H Saying He Doesn't Belong In WWE's HOF

WWE superstar Triple H was recently interviewed by SBNation Atlanta while in town to hype WrestleMania 27 tickets going on sale last week.

During the interview, Triple H took a few shots at former WCW and WWE star Bill Goldberg. When asked about his favorite opponents, Triple H responded:

“For me, from my singles career, would probably be Rock and obviously Shawn. Between there I had a lot of hodge-podge guys, which weren’t really what you’d call classics. The Goldbergs and guys like that.”

Goldberg is a former Atlanta Falcons NFL player and made his name in the Atlanta-based WCW promotion. When asked wether Bill Goldberg deserved to be inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame in Atlanta during WrestleMania 27 weekend, Triple H responded with:

“Bill’s trying to get into the Hall of Fame. If there’s a rumor about him coming back, he probably started it. I’ve not seen any mention of his name.”

Goldberg has now responded to Triple H’s comments, writing on Twitter:

“I read HHH and HBK’s views on the #WWE HOF….everyone is entitled to their own opinion.They do have a point if induction is based on tenure”

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