Gwen Jorgensen takes victory at WTS Yokohama

It is gold for USA’s Gwen Jorgensen  at the 2016 ITU World Triathlon Yokohama, her first WTS victory of 2016.


Producing a consistently strong performance throughout the whole competition that saw her among the leaders in the swim and bike that set her up for her signature unbeatable run execution, Jorgensen was able to reclaim her spot on the top of the WTS podium. The victory also granted her the Yokohama title for the fourth consecutive year, a feat that no other elite athlete has done been able to do at the same venue.

Jorgensen said: “I really like it here in Japan, the crowd is always cheering, there is always a ton of people out so it makes it really exciting. There is one goal for the year and that is the Olympics on August 20th, I have been working towards that for four years, so I am just going to keep working towards that.”