Harry Wiltshire remembers Julian Jenkinson

When I was 14 I was given my first triathlon magazine in a Christmas stocking. 

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The centre page spread was an article on Julian Jenkinson, the only professional triathlete in the U.K. (according to the tax man).  Jules had one foot on a gallon drum of sports drink and was holding onto a yellow Peugeot bike; a pair of Bloc sunglasses perched on his head and he wore a Speedo one piece. Julian made triathlon look cool; he made me want to be a triathlete. Julian had written the article himself and I later discovered his monthly 220 columns. Julian wasn’t the only person trying to be a professional triathlete; he was the only person smart enough to make it work.

In my first year at University I went with the squad on a training camp to Tenerife; Jules came along, this might have had a lot to do with the PHD student who all the boys fancied and of course, who he was seeing. Chris Volley couldn’t believe Julian Jenkinson was there, he added to the legend by telling us he had refused to ever let his parents clean their toilet seat again after Jules had visited his Isle of Wight bathroom.