HHH Praises Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler For Their Contributions To RAW, J.R. & Lawler Respond

As noted, Paul “Triple H” Levesque recently spoke with USA Today’s “For The Win” section to promote this month’s RAW 25th Anniversary special.

In addition to the highlights from the interview that we posted earlier this week, “The Game” also spoke about the legendary announcing duo of the “Attitude Era” of RAW — Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Below is another excerpt from the interview, which features HHH talking about J.R. and The King, who as noted, have both been confirmed to appear at the RAW 25th Anniversary special later this month, as well as their reactions.

“Some people just have chemistry with each other. Jerry’s knowledge and understanding of the business, but also, Jerry’s so quick-witted. Just can turn situations humorous, and the inflection he can put in his voice – he’s just great at what it is. And yet sitting next to JR as the straight man, who, when it comes to passion and intensity of sort of being that background music of what we were doing at that time. There’s nobody, especially in that time frame, who had that passion, that energy that JR did.

Sometimes we’d be in the ring – it’s funny, things that you see that stand out – but I can remember so many times being in the midst of a big story or a big match, and the crowd’s just going crazy and it’s electric and all that,” Triple H continued. “And as you’re lying on the mat, turning over I would look over and I would see JR, eyes bugging out of his head, on the edge of his seat almost to the point of standing. It would be loud to the point that I couldn’t hear him in the arena, but I could see him – just his passion and energy matching every physical thing we were giving in the ring.

And it always stuck out to me that JR, I would watch him sometimes later when I wasn’t in the ring, and we had these little cameras that would show us the announcers if we needed to talk to them backstage at Gorilla position, and I would see JR in that camera, same thing. Just on the edge of his seat like every fan in the arena, because at the end of the day he’s just a fan and he was going crazy for what we did, but that’s what made him so good. When you put that energy that he and Jerry [brought] together, it was magical.”

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