Honky Tonk Man Ready For Cyber Sunday, Shad Removes Explicit Blog, Johnny Ace

SLAM! Wrestling has an article on Honky Tonk Man preparing for tonight’s Cyber Sunday pay-per-view, which you can read at the following link. Honky Tonk Man said his finger has healed and he’s ready for action at tonight’s Cyber Sunday should should the fans elect him as the challenger for Santino Marella’s Intercontinental Championship. Honky Tonk Man wrestled L’Empereur in a 14-minute win on Friday night for the Big Time Wrestling promotion, his first match in four months. When WWE officials initially approached him for the angle, he warned them he wasn’t as physically capable as he wanted to be. “I told (WWE) I finally could some physical stuff which they want, so tonight is a good dry-run for me. Initially when they asked I told them I couldn’t do anything physically, my hand was so messed up (see photo). But the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on the mobility and I’ll be more than ready Sunday at the PPV,” Honky Tonk Man said. “The fans want it and everywhere I go, they ask me to beat this guy and keep my record. It’s sort of like Undertaker’s Wrestlemania record. But I want it to go beyond just this Sunday which is why I’ve worked so hard to rehabilitate my hand to prepare. I’m good to go and my doctor was surprised.” Honky Tonk Man also talks about the ordeal with his injured finger, staying in shape, recently cutting his long ponytail, talking with Jake Roberts, and more.

— As reported earlier, Cryme Tyme’s Shad posted an explicit blog regarding John Morrison & The Miz this past Thursday night on his MySpace account. The post has since been deleted. In case you missed, it here is what he wrote: “Ok, I don’t want to sound mad and I don’t want to sound angry. So im going to say this as nice as possible. **** John Morrison! **** THE MIZ! These 2 jackasses are the most egotistical, arrogant dumb f*** I have ever met. This has gone from fun and games to some gangster shit. I’m not some gimmick wwe put o paper. I’m a real thug and will **** those 2 **** up in a heartbeat. Morrison is just mad that I took his girl back in the day when we were in OVW. And Miz you’re just a bitch. B…I…T..C..H. WHORAAA! BITCH!”

— WWE Talent Relations executive John Laurinaitis will be scouting talent at a training camp Afa “The Wild Samoan” is holding on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 in Leesburg, Florida. For more information on the training camp and how people can reserve a spot, click here.

Click here to see photo of Snitsky & his GIRLFRIEND!

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