How to survive lockdown as a tri couple

Having lived and worked together for the past 15 years, Helen, an Olympian and world champion triathlete, and Marc, coach and property entrepreneur, are also juggling a family with two young children. But how do they do it, and keep a smile on their face? Here’s their advice…


Separate work and ‘normal life’

Helen: “While triathlon is our main job and makes up a big part of our lives, we try to ‘leave it at the door’ and not bring it into the house, even though it all happens under the one roof. Marc stops being the coach, training partner (whatever other role he plays in supporting me in my training) and I try to stop being the athlete and we become ‘normal people’ – whatever normal is anyway!

“You have to have a switch of mindset and carry on with daily life, especially now during the Covid-19 situation. This is more easily said than done but now we have kids it’s less of a choice and more of a necessity.”