Impact Wrestling Results (5/24): Matt Sydal Defends the X-Division Title, LAX Demands Answers, OVE in Action & More

Impact Wrestling Results
May 24, 2018

– The cold open kicked things off recapping all the major angles over the last few weeks, including DJZ’s long road back to the ring and winning the Impact Tag Team Championships with Andrew Everett last week. You can actually check out the video package above.

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DRAGO & AERO STAR vs. DAVE & JAKE CRIST (w/ Sami Callihan)

The lucha stars dove over the ropes to take out the Crist brothers before the match even began, but this just played into the numbers game of OVE and it didn’t take them long to complete take control. Even after the bell rang Sami was constantly taking cheap shots at ringside, basically a one-man lumberjack squad as he refused to let their opponents spend even a second resting on the outside.

Jake hit a great series of kicks but just as things really picked up we cut to the backstage area where Eddie Edwards arrived in a limo, kendo stick already in hand. His wife Alisha was behind him screaming that things were over and let it go, but Eddie didn’t give a damn and made his way way into the arena.¬†As we head back to ringside Eddie came out and trashed both the Crist brothers with shot after shot from the kendo stick. Sami hit the ring with a baseball bat but was caught before he do anything, and was beaten absolutely unconscious with dozens and dozens of shots.

Security stormed the ring and was finally able to hold back the attacker, as Alisha continued to scream at her husband, “it’s over, it’s over!” Eddie looked like he was finally calming down, but instead attacked each of the guards and left everyone laying, as medics helped drag a knocked out, drooling Sami Callihan from the ring.

– We cut backstage where Eddie was pacing back and forth, yelling at his wife about Sami ruining his life and nearly costing him his eye. Alisha told her husband he was becoming “just like him”, to which Edwards screamed that he would never, ever become Sami Callihan. He said it wasn’t over between them, and it wouldn’t be over until only one of them was left standing; he doesn’t care if there’s no ropes, no ring, no building, in the middle of a forrest – he will finish things with Sami once and for all.

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