In Case You Missed It… Eddie Kingston Definitely Murdered a Child on This Week’s Impact Wrestling

It’s been a busy week in the world of wrestling, so I understand that some people may have missed the closing video package from this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

Still, it’s a bit shocking that more people aren’t talking about the segment because THEY LITERALLY MURDERED A CHILD to further the program between two rival factions of the LAX crime syndicate.

Over the last few months, a small group of old school TNA veterans – the original Latin American Xchange, Homicide and Hernandez – have been waging war with Eddie Kingston at the helm.

“King” is said to be the New York leader of the group, and earlier this summer it was revealed that he had put a “hit” out on Konnan, claiming that the lucha libre legend had turned his back on La Familia in favor of the younger generation of LAX, Santana and Ortiz.

Their rivalry has escalated through some insane and bloody brawls, culminating last week in a literal gang-on-gang street fight that saw the new school take back their Impact World Tag Team Championships from the LAX OGz. With Homicide and Hernandez taken out, Konnan beat in Kingston’s face with a flapjack to put an end to the war once and for all.

Except now, apparently King has survived the incident and he’s out for blood.

This week’s Impact Wrestling saw Eddie crash an LAX family celebration, nearly running down the entire gang with his car. While all the adults managed to leap out of the way, a young boy named Richie – who just so happened to be carrying the Impact tag titles on his shoulders – was not as lucky.

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Check out the footage below, and tune into next week’s two-hour television special, Impact Wrestling ReDefined, next Thursday night at 8/7c on Pop TV.

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