India: Telangana woman caught on camera thrashing watchman, video goes viral

Dubai: A woman was caught on camera thrashing a security guard in the Hyderabad district from the Indian state of Telangana on Monday. The video has gone viral on the internet and had already been seen by more than 25,000 people.


Here is the video:


Netizens have been asking why the delay in filing a First Information Report. In the video, the women driving a car is seen beating up the watchman following a skirmish. The woman can be seen using her footwear to hit the watchman.


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A twitter user @@Gruham_ commented: “If the watchman would’ve returned a few blows, will the dim-witted cops ever wait to obtain any permission from the court to register a case? The law is so very biased against men, even when they are the victims.”


Another twitter user @Kenjos commented: “ Put her behind the bar and fine her with heavy so that next she think 100 time before doing such nonsense.”


According to the police, the woman identified as Laxmi had come to visit her mother in an apartment.


While talking to media, a senior police officer, G.Shyam Prasad said: “Earlier, the woman had a quarrel with her mother, and she asked the security guard not to allow her daughter into the apartment without her permission. On several occasions, the watchman had stopped the woman, and the same happened on Monday. In response to him, the woman got enraged and thrashed the watchman.


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He added: “We received a complaint from the watchman, the petition has been submitted before the court. Police is yet to receive a legal advise to book a case. In case the petition is accepted by the court, we will register a case against the woman.”


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