IPL in UAE: Virat Kohli the ‘Lion’ gears up for Royal Challengers Bangalore

Dubai: Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket captain, has started capturing the imagination of social media again as the countdown is set to begin for the IPL in the UAE from next month. The IPL 2020, which was postponed indefinitely in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is scheduled to be held here from September 19 to November 10.


‘‘Spot the differences, because we are not able to,’’ said Royal Challengers Bangalore on their official Twitter handle, posting a combo picture of Kohli and a lion on the ‘World Lion Day.’ The photo of Kohli had him dressed in a IPL shirt of his team as he is ready to swoop on a ball.


Yuzvendra Chahal, Kohli’s teammate in IPL and the Indian team, showed his funny bone again by twitting his reply: ‘‘Difference hmm in first pic wearing clothes and the 2nd pic widout clothes.’’


RCB, who are still looking at their maiden IPL crown, is scheduled to depart for the UAE in the last week of August and are scheduled to stay in one of the beachfront hotels of Dubai.


According to a media report, RCB are expected to gather at a Bengaluru hotel for quarantine this week. RCB chairman Sanjeev Churiwala was quoted in an interview that their fight schedules have been worked out to ensure players have enough time to practice. “All the Indian players and support staff will first assemble in Bengaluru,” Churiwala said. “They will be quarantined in a hotel in Bengaluru for a few days before flying out to the UAE in the last week of August.’’


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