JBL Shoots On Vince Russo & Talks About Career Highlights, Eddie Guerrero

WWE announcer JBL recently did an interview with Wrestling101.com. Here are some highlights of what he said about:

Teaming With Barry Windham In WWE & Vince Russo:

“That to me was what I thought was my big break, and it turned out it wasn’t for a lot of reasons. The head of creative at the time Vince Russo didn’t think much of me or Barry I believe, he’s selling comic books or whatever he’s doing right now so that tells you what you need to know about Vince Russo.

I thought that was my big break, I idolised Barry and a still do to this day, he still had a lot of gas left in the tank, and for whatever reason they didn’t want to use him. The tag team never went anywhere but for me it was a big deal.”

His WWE Career Highlights:

“Eddie Guerrero, he was the biggest influence on my singles career. I’m not sure the JBL character would be alive if not for Eddie, he really made the career that I had. The Undertaker feud that I had was huge for me, but I got to wrestle every top star during that era, I got to wrestle, Booker T, Dave Batista, John Cena, I really had a fun and incredible run, the run came later in my life so I really had the opportunity to enjoy it.”

“One of the greatest things that I got to do was pass the torch to John Cena, which I absolutely take zero credit for, he would have gone to the top anyway but I was lucky enough to be the guy that passed the torch and I was very honoured to be able to do that.”

He also spoke about the transition from wrestler to announcer, his Seven Summits mountain climbing adventures and more.

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