Jim Ross Blog: His WWE Contract Expiring, His Health, Dennis Miller Hosting Raw

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Here’s what Ross said about:

Personal Responsibility as a pro athlete: “There is so much money to be earned in the world of pro wrestling and MMA that if an athlete manages their money wisely meaning they receive professional help and live within their means they can establish a nice level of security to last them the rest of their days. Unfortunately, many competitors and performers forget to save their dough, they forget to file their income taxes, but they certainly remember when the new, luxury cars and Rolex’s become available.”

Dennis Miller Hosting Monday’s Raw: “Wonder how kind Dennis Miller, with his caustic wit and fabulous vocabulary, will be to WWE after Miller hosts the three hour Slammy Awards this Monday night in the Slammy Capital of the World, Corpus Christi, Texas? Miller does a fair amount of observational humor and he will certainly observe some unique things this Monday….and that’s just in catering. Do Miller and Matt Striker use the same type of dictionary…curious minds might want to know…but then again.”

His Own Health: “I have been feeling much better and expect the results of my blood work from the Rheumatologist to come back next week. Hopefully, that info will be good news, I refuse to think otherwise, and I will continue to get better and take one more step toward returning to work”

His WWE Contract Expiring: “Working on one’s contract, as I have been focusing on for the past few days isn’t one of my favorite things to do particularly at the 11th hour and especially due to issues regarding my health not to mention that it’s the holiday season. I expect something to be worked out regarding this matter in the next week or so but I am not going to stress over it one way or another.”

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