Jim Ross Says WWE Needs To Overhaul Its Recruiting Process

In an interview with Kevin Eck of the Baltimore Sun, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross spoke at length about how important it is for WWE to overhaul its recruiting process and find the next generation of superstars. To read the full interview, visit BaltimoreSun.com.

“It’s just a matter focusing on recruiting and finding world class athletes and encouraging them to have the aptitude and desire – and maybe more importantly, be fans of the product – to try this profession.”

Ross continued, “It’s imperative. The scouting and the whole process has to be accelerated and maintained and improved upon every single day. As long as they have that mind-set, they’re going to continue to find good young guys that have potential. And then about one or two out of 10 will make it. It’s going to be an interesting future, but I don’t perceive it to be bleak whatsoever.”

Ross also commented on fellow Oklahoman Jack Swagger’s strengths and weaknesses. “Swagger’s got a blessing and a curse,” Ross said. ” He has the blessing of having so much God-given physical ability as a natural 6-5 or 6-6 kid that’s 260, so he has good size. He has an amazing athletic background. He’s been wrestling since he was in elementary school. He wrestled in a Division I program [at Oklahoma] with good success. But he’s one of those guys that is so good that he can put it in a little above neutral and be better than most. What he has to find is the fire inside him that’s going to drive him internally to get to the next level and the next level after that.”

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