Key figure in Saudi Arabia pays homage to Maradona

Cairo: Head of the Saudi General Authority for Entertainment Turki Al Sheikh has mourned the death of Argentine football legend Diego Maradona. Maradona died Wednesday aged 60, after suffering a heart attack, triggering an outpouring of grief across the world.


“Farewell, my friend,” tweeted Al Sheikh. “The last time I saw you was in Russia in 2018 and you promised me to visit the kingdom. Farewell to you, the greatest footballer ever,” he added. Al Sheikh said that Maradona has deeply influenced his generation and his departure makes football tasteless. “I’m sad today,” he added.


Al Sheikh attached to the tribute footage and images of Maradona with a caption reading: “No-one will ever handle the ball like you from now on. RIP.”


Maradona captained Argentina to the 1986 World Cup win. He generated worldwide renown, becoming one of the greatest footballers the globe has ever known

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