Kurt Angle Talks About Foley In TNA, Doinig MMA In 2009 & More

SJM Concerts, which is promoting TNA’s January 2009 tour of the United Kingdom, sent out a press release today, recapping Kurt Angle’s media day last month at Wembley Arena. Here are the highlights:

Why He Went to TNA: “A lot of people want to know why I made the switch to TNA – WWE it’s no lie it’s a monster, they are the top wrestling company and will continue to be. I wanted to serve a larger purpose and serve with a smaller company. Over the past two years the impact its had on me and me on them is amazing” Kurt continues, “In just 6 years, TNA Wrestling has done more than any other wrestling company could do in 20. Rating, shows have been unparallel. Our shows are played in 158 countries, in Australia we are the number 1 wrestling corporation out there. I also want to credit to people in England, who internationally put us on the map. We take pride in our wrestling.”

Mick Foley in TNA: “It’s a huge deal. Most entertaining wrestlers ever seen – takes a lot of chances. Much better talker and add lots to company. Mick Foley has a lot of wisdom to teach the other guys. See a lot more soon coming to TNA, a lot to do with opportunity” Its not just opportunity, as it has allowed Kurt to be original; “There are no gimmicks; we are not being puppets, so the show is a little bit different. I book my own matches and it allows me to bring own creativity. I like one or ones, good vs. bad, win or lose straight up.”

Doing MMA in 2009: “My health is 100% I have never felt better and I am talking to several fight companies for MMA 2009. I will have to take a few months out. I want to represent TNA and do well.”


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