Kuwait: 3 dinar departure, 2 dinar arrival fee starting June 1

Kuwait City: The Minister for Housing Affairs, Abdullah Marafi, issued a decision to implement an airport service fee of 3 Kuwaiti dinars for departing passengers and 2 Kuwaiti dinars for arriving passengers, as of June 1, 2021.


The additional costs will be added to the airline ticket as the Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) will work in coordination with airline ticketing offices.


The Director General of the DGCA, Yousef Al Fouzan, said in a Tweet that the service fees are applied on airlines at international airports by the host country in return for the services provided by these companies. Al Fouzan added that the fees applied by the Kuwaiti airport are considered the lowest compared to what is imposed at international airports.


As Kuwait is looking to move away from an oil based economy, Al Fouzan said that the decision is a set to achieve that transition especially since airports are becoming a prominent source of income for other countries

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