Kuwait: Man stabs his brother inside mosque

Dubai: A Kuwaiti citizen, who is believed to mentally disturbed, has allegedly stabbed his brother inside a mosque in the suburb of Umm Al Hayman, local media reported.


The victim, who is the imam of the mosque, was rushed to the Adan Hospital. The injury is not believed to be life threatening.


According to security sources, the suspect entered the mosque carrying a knife and went straight to his brother who was praying, stabbed him, and tried to escape.

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Worshipers were able to wrestle him to the ground and handed him over to the police. The man has been detained at the Ali Sabah Al Salem Police Station and a case of attempted murder has been filed against him. The motive is still unclear.


It is not the first time that such a crime is being reported in Kuwait. In January, a Palestinian expatriate living in Kuwait stabbed his 27-year-old brother in the back of the neck following a fight over singing loudly.


It was reported that the suspect, upon hearing the police siren, escaped from the house but his description has been circulated to all police patrols and security agencies for his arrest.


According to the victim, the suspect was annoyed after his brother kept singing loudly despite being told not to do so. Consequently, an altercation erupted between the duo and one of them rushed to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and stabbed his brother.

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