Kuwait: Ministry of Interior mulls withdrawing driving license of expats with mental health issues

Kuwait City: The Ministry of Interior is considering withdrawing drivers licenses of expats who have mental health files at the psychiatry hospital, local media reported.


The revoking of the licenses will be in the event that it is proven that the person can not drive a vehicle, given that his mental health is not strong enough, and based on the recommendations of a doctor.


The announcement came a week after MP Bader Al Humaidi stated that he will be putting forth legislation that would require authorities to deport expats who are receiving treatment at the psychiatric hospital in Kuwait in order to “protect society”.

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Following Al Humaidi’s statement the Ministry of Health revealed that the number of prescriptions handed out in the past five years amounted to 15,000 and that the number of non-Kuwaiti psychiatric patients since 1953 to today total 36,000.


Security concern


A source told the daily that the number of cases at the hospital have become a concern for the security forces and that they have received strict instructions to deal with the sensitive files.


The source added that the Ministry of Interior has a number of names, both citizens and residents, that have been caught in drug related abuse cases and are receiving psychiatric treatment.

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