Kuwait reports 25,009 COVID-19 cases in February, 124 deaths

Dubai: Kuwait reported 25,009 coronavirus infections in February 2021, the highest monthly toll since the outbreak of the pandemic, Al Qabas newspaper reported.


According to the paper, Kuwait’s health authorities believe that the transmission of coronavirus virus from asymptomatic people to others through gatherings and contact caused the number of patients to increase rapidly in general COVID-19 wards as well as ICUs.


Health authorities also said that 124 deaths were recorded due to complications from the deadly virus in the country last February, in addition, 25,009 new infections with 102 patients admitted to the intensive care unit.

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In January 2021, the country recorded 14,388 new infections and 23 deaths. In December 2020, the number of infections were 7,594 and deaths 53.


There were 23,019 cases last May, 19,152 in June, 20,762 in July, 18,152 in August, 20,073 in September, 20,744 in October, and 16,709 in November.


Also in May 2020, Kuwait recorded 186 COVID-19 deaths, 142 in June, 93 in July, 84 in August, 79 deaths in September, 169 in October, and 101 in November.

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