Kuwait reports lowest birthrate in 15 years

Dubai: Kuwait has recorded the lowest birthrate in 15 years during the “coronavirus year”, with 50,409 births in 2020, the lowest since 2005 when the number of births was 45,459, local media reported.


Births dropped in 2020 by 2.9 per cent (1,517 births) compared to 2019, during which the number of births was 51,926.


Kuwaiti births dropped in 2020 by 1.8 per cent (572), with 31,295 births compared to 31,870 in 2019. Expat births dropped 4.69 pe rcent (942) to 19,114 in 2020, compared to 20,056 in 2019.


However, statistics from the Ministry of Justice showed that in 2020 Kuwait saw an increase in marriages and decrease in divorce rates compared to 2019.

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Dr. Fahad Al Daen, Director of the Sharia Authentication Department at the Ministry of Justice, described 2020 as a year of “happiness and family bonding” as there were 1,000 more marriages than the previous year.


Of the 12,973 marriages that took place last year, around 82 per cent of them were Kuwaiti men, majority of whom married Kuwaiti women. The statistics revealed that 1,044 Kuwaiti men got married to non-Kuwaiti women.

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