Lana Responds To Fan Criticism Of Her Character Not Wrestling

Late last week on Instagram, Lana sent a lengthy response to a female WWE fan who posted a critical message asking her whether she finds it awkward that people only enjoying watching her perform because she’s attractive. The fan feels that since she doesn’t wrestle, her character is limited, and therefore unable to carve the legacy she often vows.

The fan wrote, “Lana do you find it awkward how many people only like you because they think you’re hot rather than enjoy your character? And that we’ve yet to see you do anything to give yourself a legacy but that’s all you ever post about? I think your character seems a sweet woman but until you wrestle I don’t see how anyone can adore you other than how you look because like we don’t see much of your character other than your character escaping a toxic relationship and growing stronger and more confident.”

Lana responded, “awkward no I find it exceptionally awesome what I do. Are you saying Paul Heyman hasn’t created one of the most epic legacies ? He will be remembered more than 98% of women and men that ever wrestled in WWE. How about Stephanie McMahon? She picked wisely when to wrestle and when not to wrestle. I am not here to be adored I am here to help create compelling stories. I don’t have to fight and wrestle everyday because I am that good at what I do. This is WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and I bring the BIG E to the WWE. And thank you, if I can help one person stand up for themselves & leave a toxic relationship, then my story is more then worth while. Thank you.”

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